OSHA and more

What Does OSHA Require ?
“Complete inspection of overhead cranes at intervals of at least every 12 months, and as often as every month depending…”

OSHA, Standards, Procedures and Checklists


Why Become a Certified Crane Surveyor (CCS)?
by Richard Wehrmeister
Published in the CCAA Newsletter

Should Crane Inspections and Preventive Maintenance be Treated the Same
Overhead Crane Inspection and Maintenance Best Practices
By Richard Wehrmeister
Published in May-June 2008 Edition of Industrial Lift and Hoist Magazine

Is Your Inspector Qualified?
Utilize the “Is Your Inspector Qualified” four page article as a tool for your company to choose an inspection and maintenance service for your overhead crane.

Preventive Maintenance Service
Why does Advanced Overhead Crane recommend performing a preventive maintenance service on a quarterly basis?